Лекция 32:

Perspectives on global Outsourcing & Offshoring (O&O) with select highlights on Eastern Europe / Bulgaria,Dr. Peter Peters, Partner of McKinsey and Company & Detlev J. Hoch, Director at McKinsey & Company in Düsseldorf

Лекция 31:

.NET Microframework: jump into the communicating objects and automate your home, Laurent Ellerbach, Audience Marketing Manager, Microsoft

Лекция 30:

Why Do Security Professionals Fail & A Career Case Study on How to Succeed, Dan Lohrmann, Michigan's first Chief Security Officer (CSO)

Лекция 29:

Oracle – 10.11.2011 Тhe IT challenges of the next decade and how to get prepared for it, Jean-Claude Michaca, Vice President Fusion Middleware EE & CIS, Oracle Corporation

Лекция 28:

FreeBSD – 06.11.2011, Philip Paeps

Лекция 27:

Online – 26.09.2011 Какви са предимствата на онлайн базирания софтуер. Защо той е важен за компаниите и как чрез него те могат да пестят средства., Michael Kogeler, Director Cloud Strategy of Microsoft Corporation