Scrum – 26.05.2009, 18:30-20:30ч.

Danny (Danko) Kovatch

The revolution of Agile and Scrum that conquers the software world – how is it done and what’s in it for me?

Лектор: Danny (Danko) Kovatch
Danny (Danko) KovatchVOLARO

Danko is a seasoned veteran in the IT industry. His first steps began in 1997 when he completed 5 years of service in the Israeli army in a special elite program, where he was group manager in a computer unit. Afterwards, Danko joined a startup by the name of EagleEye, a subsidiary company of New Dimension where he was in charge of several development groups . In 2000, BMC purchased New Dimension and Eagle Eye became a business unit of BMC. In 2005, Danko was exposed to Scrum and, from that date, there was no looking back. Danko gained more and more knowledge and experience in Agile and specifically in Scrum and found himself lecturing and helping other companies to assimilate Scrum. After leaving BMC, he served as VP, R&D in several companies and, when the demand for Scrum was too much to handle in parallel, he resigned all posts and became an independent consultant. After an intensive year in which Danko lectured and assimilated Scrum for dozens of companies, he initiated AgileSparks. At the beginning of 2009 AgileSparks as establish a partnership relationship with VOLARO which represent him in Bulgaria, Romania and other Eastern Europe countries. Danko is a well recognized international speaker with unique ways of presenting Scrum to newcomers. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer (one of only 84 international trainers in the world). Danko is best known for his great enthusiasm for Scrum and his Scrum spark.

Кога: 26 май 2009 (вторник), 18:30-20:30ч.
Къде: ФМИ, бул. Джеймс Баучер 5, зала Мусала
Вход: свободен

Кратко съдържание:

Agile is a popular modern framework for managing software projects. It is based on development in short iterations with an emphasis on teamwork, transparency and enhanced communication between all stakeholders.

Scrum is a practical way to implement Agile and in recent years has become the most widespread Agile framework in the world. Adopting Scrum enables teams to respond quickly to changes in requirements, increases quality, shortens timetables and increases satisfaction of both customers and teams.

Many companies nowadays are adopting Agile and Scrum in order to successfully confront the challenges involved in developing complex software.

In this short introductory lecture we will explain the principles behind Agile and Scrum, and most importantly, explain and demonstrate the new mindset that enables the huge benefits the framework provides to its adopters.

More information, presentation, articles and others, available on our site.

Обратна Връзка:

На 26 май в зала Мусала на Факултета по математика и информатика на СУ се проведе поредната лекция от Академията на ИТ лидери. Този път гост беше SCRUM гуруто Данко Ковач. Той е един от световните експерти в областта на SCRUM, международно признат лектор, с участия на многобройни конференции и събития. Чрез презентацията на тема „The revolution of Agile and Scrum that conquers the software world – how is it done and what’s in it for me?” интересуващите се от “гъвкавата” методология за разработка на софтуер имаха възможност по нестандартен начин да научат повече за Agile и Scrum.