Data Mining – 12.01.2010, 17:15-19.00 ч.

Prof. Dr. Koen Vanhoof and Tom Boonen

Data mining applications in the banking industry

Лектор: Prof. Dr. Koen Vanhoof

Prof. Dr. Koen Vanhoof

Prof. Dr. Koen Vanhoof has been a guest professor in Jagilionski University (Krakau, Poland), University of Antwerp (Antwerp, Belgium), University of Maastricht (Maastricht, Netherlands), University of Economics (Sofia, Bulgaria), Technical University (St. Petersburg, Russia) , Academy of Economics (Wroclaw , Poland) and Erasmus University (Rotterdam,Netherlands). He is vice-dean research at the Faculty of Applied Economics and project leader of the Data mining research group at University of Hasselt. Prof. Vanhoof has Master degrees in Computer Science and Physics.

Лектор: Tom Boonen

Tom Boonen

Tom Boonen, AGServ, CEO. Mr. Boonen is business rules and business intelligence professional; his previous experience includes Business Process Management Regional Sales Leader for Central & Eastern Europe, Baltics and Turkey within IBM’s Software Group, before that he has held multiple sales and management functions within IBM’s Sales & Distribution organization, IBM’s Strategy and Technology Team, as well as Marketing Management functions within Microsoft Benelux. He was managing his own company operating in Russia & CIS from 1992-1995.Mr. Boonen holds Master degrees in Economics & Informatics, participates in IT Governance bodies and is especially interested in matching information technologies with business needs.

Кога: 12 януари 2010 (вторник), 17:15-19.00h

Къде: ФМИ, бул. Джеймс Баучер 5, зала Мусала

Вход: свободен

Кратко съдържание:

This presentation gives a comprehensive overview of major data mining methods and examines the suitability of these methods in a portfolio of financial applications like :

    • Bankruptcy prediction
    • Customer churn
    • Cross selling
    • Customer targeting
    • Campaign management
    • Fraud Risk reduction

Обратна връзка:

Първата лекция през новата година беше представена от интересен тандем лектори- професор, който с начуната си работа подпомага бизнеса и бизнесмен, който работи с университетите – Prof. Dr. Koen Vanhoof и Tom Boonen. Двойната лекция беше подчинена на идеята за извличане на знания от данни в банковия сектор (Data mining applications in the banking industry). Промяната в бизнеса е единственото сигурно нещо в него, но тя не би могла да се осъществи без Информационните системи. Каква е тясната връзка между BRMS и Bussiness process management и какво е общото им при извличането на знания от данни в банковия сектор, може да видите във видеото от лекцията.

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