Serious Games – 18.02.2010, 18:00-19:15ч.

David Wortley

The Future of Immersive Technologies and their Impact on Society

Лектор: David Wortley

David Wortley is Director of the Serious Games Institute (SGI) at Coventry University. He is responsible for the development of the Institute as a global thought leader on the application of immersive technologies which include video games, virtual worlds and social networking to serious social and economic issues such as education, simulation, health, commerce and climate change. Working with academics, regional development agencies and leading computer games companies, David aims to make the SGI a focal point for games based learning, simulation and immersive 3D virtual environments and an engine for innovation and social and economic regeneration.
David is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) with a career which has embraced the converging and emerging technologies of telecommunications (Post Office Telecommunications), computing (IBM), digital media and community informatics (Mass Mitec) and the creative industries (De Montfort University). He is a serial entrepreneur and innovator with a passion for applying technology to social and economic development.

Кога: 18 Февруари 2010 (четвъртък), 18:00ч.
Къде: ФМИ, бул. Джеймс Баучер 5, зала Мусала
Вход: свободен

Кратко съдържание:
Immersive Technologies such as video games, virtual worlds and social networking have successfully engaged the hearts, minds and wallets of large sections of society. It is this investment of time and money into a growing and competitive market that is driving technological innovation on an unprecedented scale and having a major impact on all aspects of society. This presentation explores the rapid evolution of these technologies and how they are already impacting education, business and communities. It concludes with some thoughts on how our relationship with technology is being transformed and the implications for society.

Обратна връзка:

Любимата игра на Дейвид Уортли е Guitar Hero и наскоро е срещнал приятелката си чрез сайт за запознанства. Това нямаше да е никак забележително, ако Дейвид не беше директор на Serious Games Institute, Coventry University и поредният лектор на Академия за ИТ лидери.

Чрез една много интерактивна лекция, слушателите имаха възможност да се запознаят с последните мултимедийни технологии и тяхното широко приложение в медицината, образованието, икономиката и други. Разпространението им е съвсем естествен феномен. Според редица научни изследвания човешкият мозък започва физически да се променя, така че да може да обработва все по-голямото количество информация, която ни заобикаля или с други думи – hardwired multitasking. Накрая Дейвид обобщи – “ако нещо се случи и интернет изчезне, на човечеството ще му е много трудно да се възстанови”.