Why Do Security Professionals Fail & A Career Case Study on How to Succeed

Dan Lohrmann, Michigan's first Chief Security Officer (CSO)

Кога: 14 март, сряда, 17:00ч.

Къде: ФМИ, бул. Джеймс Баучер 5, зала Мусала

Вход: свободен


Лектор: Dan Lohrmann, Michigan’s first Chief Security Officer (CSO)

Dan Lohrmann is Michigan’s first Chief Security Officer (CSO), leading Michigan’s development and implementation of a comprehensive security strategy for all State of Michigan resources and infrastructure. Dan is the director over the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection (CIP) organization which provides Michigan with a single entity charged with the oversight of risk management and security issues associated with State of Michigan assets, property, systems and networks.

Why do security professionals fail? As an award-winning Chief Security Officer and a former NSA employee, Lohrmann has been studying this question for more than twenty-five years. He’s observed those who succeed and those who seem to fail to achieve their goals. This presentation will chronicle the good, the bad and the ugly in our industry. What works and what doesn’t seem to make much difference in getting consistently positive information security results for individuals and also for teams?

This presentation, which is based on Lohrmann’s critically acclaimed CSO Magazine blog series on the same topic, will cover seven problems that all security professionals face. Equally important, Dan will offer pragmatic solutions that will help you overcome these problems and succeed. With true stories and analogies that will probably surprise, you will be challenged to rethink your career, your approaches, your perspective and your security priorities.

Dan Lohrmann е специален гост на IDC IT Security Roadshow. Събитието събира на едно място експерти от различни подразделения на информационната сигурност, анализатори, лидери от индустрията и потребители. Засягат се новите технологии и подходи и как те са в съответствие с предизвикателствата към сигурността. IDC IT Security Roadshow ще се проведе на 15 март 2012г., Sofia Sheraton Hotel Balkan.

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