Developer – 14.05.2009, 16:00-18:00ч.

Дино Еспосито

Design Patterns, Refactoring, Sane Principles Make You a Better Developer

Лектор: Дино Еспосито

Dino Esposito

An architect and trainer, Dino Esposito is one of the world’s authorities on Web technology and software architecture. Every month, at least five magazines and sites publish Dino’s articles covering topics such as AJAX, Silveright, software design and patterns. His most recent book is “Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise” (Microsoft Press). In the course of 2009, other books will be released to discuss Web architecture and ASP.NET MVC. Dino speaks regularly at industry conferences including Microsoft TechED, DevConnections, and premiere European events such as DevReach, DevWeek and BASTA.

Кога: 14 май 2009 (четвъртък), 16:00-18:00ч.
Къде: ФМИ, бул. Джеймс Баучер 5, зала Мусала
Вход: свободен

Кратко съдържание:
The perfect code doesn’t exist and it’s extremely unlikely you’ll ever be writing it. Accept this basic, incontrovertible fact and build on it a new era of your career. There are many patterns and practices to build code effectively and in a productive manner. However, you should use patterns consciously and with care. And you should apply practices appropriately with a clear goal in mind. And don’t forget to sprinkle always some good principles as any GrandMa suggests. In this talk, we’ll discuss an effective approach to design pattern, idioms, idiomatic design and some fundamental principles such as low coupling and dependency inversion.

Обратна Връзка:

На 14 май се проведе деветата лекция от Академията за ИТ лидери в зала Мусала на ФМИ. Този път гост беше Дино Еспосито, един от водещите световни специалисти по уеб технологии и софтуерна архитектура. Темата на презентацията „Design Patterns, Refactoring, Sane Principles Make You a Better Developer” предизвика интереса на студентите. По време на лекцията лекторът сподели своя опит и обърна специално взимание на няколко от правилата и шаблони за правене на дизайн, както и подробно разясни термини като кохезия и свързаност.